ViEmu 2.5.4 and Codekana 1.5.4

These versions will automatically upgrade any existing installation.

Except in trial mode for 30 days, you need a valid license for each of them to work.

If you have bought ViEmu or Codekana in the past, you can head over to the Customer Area, and use the "Recover password" link to get a password, log in, and download your license(s).

For any problem, just use the Symnum Support Form.

Visual Studio 2010 versions of ViEmu and Codekana are in active development and will be available very soon.

Known issues: a few extreme edge cases in Ctrl-A/Ctrl-X may be not properly handled.

The only change from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4 (and 1.5.3 to 1.5.4) is that whitespace is properly trimmed from pasted-in licenses, making it more resistant to any extraneous mangling of the license.

Changes in the ViEmus

Version 2.5 consolidates all 2.2.x improvements, brings important new features, and implements the new Symnum licensing system.

New 2.5 fixes and features: From previous versions:

2.2.2: 2.2.3: 2.2.4: 2.2.5: 2.2.6: 2.2.7: 2.2.8: 2.2.9:

Changes in Codekana

Version 1.5: April, 2010

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